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Helmet Mounted Display


The US Army Future Force Warrior (FFW) program will utilize an enhanced, see-through full-colour High Definition TeleVision (HDTV) quality CyberDisplay 1280 CF MVA miniature display, developed by Kopin Corp. Smaller than a postage stamp, the display measures 0.98-inch diagonal and provides a full-size, ultra-wide-angle HDTV-quality image. With 1280x1024 (x3) SXGA resolution, or nearly 4 million colour sub-pixels, the new micro-display will be the highest density colour display of such size in the world. The see-through eyepiece will display black background, high-contrast image, combined with the ultra-wide viewing angle, to display integrated images from thermal, visual as well as stored digital imaging and documents without interfering to the soldier's daylight or night vision.




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