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IDF Up-Armored M-1113 ECV

Plasan Sasa

IDF Up-Armored Humvee equipped with remote controlled weapon station (produced by RAFAEL) which enables the crew to engage targets from inside the protected vehicle without exposing themselves to enemy fire.

The IDF up-armored Humvee, outfitted by Plasan Sasa, is designed to IDF specs for enhanced protection. With the added armor kit, the vehicle weighs 5.216 tons. Its protection level is classified but has repeatedly proven itself against small arms, IED and other threats in Lebanon and I operations in the occupied territories. Due to budgetary constraints, the IDF shifted procurement of the M1113 to the USA, to be produced by O'Gara Inc. However, due to the surge in domestic demand for urgent supplies of up-armored vehicles to the US Army, the production of the Israeli batch was cancelled. It is yet unclear who will produce these vehicles for the IDF requirement. In 2004 the IDF ordered 200 remote controlled weapon stations, mounting 5.56mm Negev machine guns or 7.62 MAG machine guns, to equip up-armored Humvees currently in service with the IDF.

The IDF uses this up-armored Humvee ECV




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