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IABS - RPG Active Countermeasure


IABS active airbag countermeasure system showing defeat of an incoming live RPG rocket
IABS airbag active countermeasure system can protect soft vehicles against RPG attack. The defeated RPG caracass can also be seen IABS combines an inexpensive radar sensor and airbag systems which are inflated before the RPG hits the protected vehicle. The airbag disrupts the shaped charge fuse, as the projectile collapses upon itself, jamming the time-out fuse, thus defusing the shaped charge before it hits the vehicle's skin. Typical radar sensor used with the IABS countermeasure system
During tests, the system was installed on up-armored Humvees doors, and demonstrated effective protection of the crew compartment. IABS was also effective in protecting the transparent armor (windows) which were broken, but were not penetrated by the RPG.


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  Updated: 10/12/2005


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