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Krasnopol, Kitolov
Precision Guided Artillery Munition
KBP (Russia)

Krasnopol (152/155mm) and Kitolov (122mm) projectiles are fired with standard propellant charges into a ballistic trajectory. At the peak, the nose cap is ejected, and the laser seeker begins to scan the ground for laser designated targets. Krasnopol / Kitolov munitions are stowed in two separate sections control section and projectile. Both are connected before firing when it is prepared for a mission. The system is designed to enable multiple engagements of different rounds in a small area, using several designators, as well as salvo firing by different artillery pieces, engaging a single target, illuminated by a single laser designator.

 The company is also offering a laser designator for the system, which is capable of targeting a large size object at a range of 20 km. A moving tank can be targeted at a range of 5 km, or 7 km, when it is stationary. The firing range of the Krasnopol weapon is 20km, Kitolov 2M can reach 12km. Hit probability of these munitions range from 0.7 0.9, depending on the specific engagement conditions.

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