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LEDS - Land Combat Defense System

Saab Avitronix is developing a new Land Combat Protection Systems (LCPS), which can incorporate both passive and active elements. On display at Defexpo 2006 and Eurosatory 2006 were the components of the Laser Warning for Combat Vehicles (LWSCV) system, and a presentation describing the active defense components of the system.

The Saab Aviatronix ADS solution combines signature management, soft kill and hard kill in one system designated as the Land Electronic Defense System (LEDS). The currently deployed LEDS 50 consists of an array of threat detector sensors (primarily laser detectors), and anti-reflection and top attack sensors. These sensors are coupled to the vehicle's battle management system (BMS), turret controls, sight display and to the intercom system in order to alert the crew of potential threats. This version of the system can automatically or manually deploy countermeasures such as smoke, flares etc.

LEDS 150 countermeasures installed on a Piranha III armored vehicle, displayed at Eurosatory 2008. Photo: Defense UpdateLEDS 100 is an enhancement of the system that adds a wind sensor, an infrared jammer and two High Speed Directed Launchers (HSDL), one on each side of the turret. These can be used to employ countermeasures directly towards the threat rather than covering an entire sector. LEDS 200 represents a further evolution of the system and employs a signature management system ("stealth"), a threat acquisition and tracking system and active countermeasures. This configuration will be further enhanced with the introduction of "hard kill" missiles that can be deployed from the HSDL in addition to systems existing "soft kill" capabilities.

Saab Avitronics and Mowag introduced the Land Electronics Defense System (LEDS) at Eurosatory, installed on the Piranha III EVO armored vehicle. The system integrates various defensive capabilities, from signature management, through 'soft kill' by using countermeasures to 'hard kill' utilizing counter RPG interceptors. According to Saab, the LEDS 50 version of the system was ordered by the Dutch Army in 2005 for its CV-90 tanks and is under evaluation in several other countries. A version of the system designated LEDS 100 equipped with two high-speed countermeasure launchers deploying Galix family pyrotechnic countermeasures produced by Lacroix. The system was recently tested by Jordan's King Abdullah II Design & Development Bureau (KADDB), installed on a modified M-60.

Hard kill equipped LEDS 150 system configured with Mongoose hard kill missiles on the Piranha is scheduled to undergo live fire tests in Switzerland later in 2008. The Mongoose is designed to kill incoming High Explosive and HEAT projectiles at a distance of five meters from the protected vehicle. With integration and close association with Mowag, a subsidiary of General Dynamics European Land Combat Systems, LEDS is well positioned to provide an attractive ADS solution for all operators of Piranha based vehicles, including seven European countries, the Canadian Army, the US Marine Corps and US Army (Stryker). The company is optimistic about the chances of the system to be considered as candidate for the British FRES program, Saab Avitronics has committed to offer LEDS for possible selection as part of a possible future solution for the FRES program.



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