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Liteye OLED Helmet Mounted Displays

 Liteye Systems Inc.

Liteye 450 monocular display is used by the US Army in IraqLiteye 450 helmet mounted display (HMD) introduced by mid-2005 is a rugged, waterproof lightweight display that snaps into a standard PVS-14 military helmet mount, replacing the NVG tube. This self-contained color monocular OLED display weighs only 100 gr. including all the electronics providing 'plug and play' connection to any mobile computing device. Liteye can be used on left or right eye. Liteye LE-450 side view showing display pod

displaying “true color” 800x600 full color resolution, Liteye LE-450 supports standard SVGA, NTSC, PAL, RS170 and RS232 signals.

Liteye LE-500 OLED display showing a PC sceen view as seen by the user




By early 2005 Liteye introduced the LE-500, a rugged helmet mounted display unit which offers user selectable see-through capability and patented optics that have been engineered specifically to optimize the OLED display. LE-500 can be used as a standard HMD or for augmented reality applications. The design is optimized to provide high definition and visual clarity of data and minimum distortion, under all lighting conditions, in covered or see-through modes of operation. The device can be set to display 16:9 and 4:3 image aspect ratio, the display is 800x600 full color SVGA compatible;  supporting up to 256 gray shades monochrome video. LE-500 has a low power consumption. It can operate on four AA batteries for 35 hours, or feed from a central power distribution source via standard USB connection.
Liteye LE-500 see-through OLED helmet mounted display




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