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Military Wireless LAN System

Elbit Systems

MAXESS communications gateway, equipped with antenna and amplifier, provides communications over up to five kilometersMaXess provides real-time, broadband intra-command wireless LAN, supporting rich multimedia communications between the elements of a command posts. The system supports two operating modes MW-LAN supports networking at 1, 2, 5.5 and 11 Mbps transfer rates, including forward error correction, over intra-command post wireless LAN, over a range of 0.25 square kilometer (500x500 meters).

The system uses modified COTS IEEE 802.11b wireless LAN technology in a PCMCIA card or external WLAN module, to link tens of users over a network forming over ad-hoc protocols, utilizing self-healing and dynamic control, with flexible frequency band selection, to support unicast, multicast and broadcast communications. A different application is the EMW-LAN, utilizing WLAN and a power amplifier module, the system supports company and battery level "wireless on the move" data communications applications. This network can span over 25 square kilometers (5x5 km) and up to 30 km, with directional antenna. EMW-LAN supports the same data transfer rates as MW-LAN.

  Updated: 11/05/2005

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