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RC-710MB Radio

Tadiran Communications (Israel)

PRC710 radio and wireless (Bluetooth) headset (photo: Tadiran Communications)The PRC-710MB radio communications set is designed especially for Special Forces, air force and naval liaison teams, facilitating essential inter-communications between ground, airborne and naval forces. To ensure connectivity between multiple frequency bands and modulation techniques, the software controlled system uses wide-band radio-frequency modules covering 30-512 MHz, with adaptable antennae matching systems, built-in digital encryption (COMSConnection to a Bluetooth accessories (headset) is seen attached to the PRC-710 audio socket. (Photo: Tadiran Communications)EC) and navigation (GPS) support. The set supports special operating modes such as Scan, Hail, SELCALL, Beacon, ECCM etc. At a weight of only 0.9kg, including battery and carrying case, PRC-710MB is considered the lightest multi-band radio in the market. The new radio is interoperable with Tadiran's CNR-900, PRC-710 combat net radios, as well as ground, airborne and naval UHF systems.



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