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Israel's Active Defense Systems for AFV

Manufacturer: Israel Military Industries

IMI offers a more compact and sophisticated directional decoy launcher, utilizing the POMALS Pedestal Operated Multi Ammunition Launching System. This platform is designed to deploy countermeasures with high directional accuracy. Two pedestals, one on each side of the vehicle, provide 360 degrees protection using only two "grenade hives" that can store various payloads such as flares, decoys, smoke charges or fragmentation charges. POMALS has a multi-salvo capability, to enable activation of multi-level countermeasures, such as thermal smoke, or Quick Shield flares (also produced by IMI), these obscurants provide continuous protection from ATGMs, for up to 100 seconds. POMALS can be activated by a laser warning device, which provides immediate and automatic traversing of the launchers to point at the direction of the incoming threat. The IMI system can also accommodate the Violin Mk-1 IR jammer.


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  Updated: 01/28/2005


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