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POP 200

IAI/TAMAM - Israel

POP is a compact, modular, lightweight EO payload system designed for a variety of surveillance and observation roles. The payload is gyro-stabilized in two axis, (pitch over yaw) and has a sensor bay that can be configured for specific mission with specially designed sensors "slices". Such slices include high resolution FLIR and high magnification color CCD, laser rangefinder, target marker etc. The system has automatic or manual Iris control, gain control, and focus. It offers enhanced image processing, including correlative automatic target tracking capturing target from 3x3 pixels at 8% contrast.

In October 2006 the US Army awarded AAI Corp. US$ 13.5 million contract for the supply of a first lot of IAI/Tamam POP-300 EO/IR payloads, to replace currently used POP-200. A follow-on order expected in early 2007 will bring the total value of this procurement is expected to be $27 million.


  Updated: 10/16/2006

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