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RVS 330 Rugged Computer (V4+)

DRS Technologies

DRS RVS330 Terminal designed for M-1A2 and M2A3 armored vehicles.RVS-330 Rugged Vehicle System, also known as "the Applique", is an "Off the shelf" based MIL-STD-810E rugged computer hardware designed to offer flexible expansion and customization to suit different applications. This model provides the standard user interface for vehicular mounted FBCB2 terminals.

It is powered by the vehicle's 28VDC power supply or via AC adapter. The terminal uses sunlight readable display and is designed to operate at temperatures ranging from -35° to 60°C. Utilizing commercial Intel Pentium III, 600 MHz or faster processor, with 256K L2 cache, socket 370, the system can also accommodate lower cost Celeron processors for less demanding processing.

The system uses 192 Megabytes PC-I00 SDRAM, and is expandable to 512M bytes. Removable internal 10 GB hard drive is installed, expandable to 28+ GB. The system uses SVGA, 12.1 inch diagonal, color LCD with touch screen, active matrix sunlight readable TFT with 800 by 600 pixels resolution and Side-to-side viewing angle of +/- 60°. The display can be relocated up to 8 meters (25 foot) away from the processor, to facilitate optimal installation inside the vehicle or in a command post. The system uses sealed keyboard, embedded a sealed pointing device.

RVS330 is used as the principal console for the FBCB2 battle management systemRVS-330 is compliant with MS-DOS, Windows 95, 98, 2000, Microsoft NT v. 4.0 and Solaris X86 (UNIX) v. 2.6 and 7. The system can be expanded utilizing a internal PMC slot, 3U compact PCI expansion slot, Device bay 20 form factor slot and a Disk on chip socket. It can support an external display through an SVGA port, supporting up to 1280 x 1024 pixel resolution 18-bit LVDS video, Sound Blaster compatible PCI audio input and output, two USB ports, IEEE 802.3 10/100BaseT LAN interface, an RS-232C port, five RS-422/RS-423 and two synchronous serial communications ports for Conditioned Di-Phase (CDP) and MIL-STD-188-144 non-return-to-zero communications interfaces.

In November 2006 DRS Technologies, Inc. received an additional US$19 million order for FBCB2 hardware. This contract adds 1,700 Appliqué Computer Systems and peripheral equipment to already supplied 25,000 FBCB2 systems already deployed with the U.S. Army.

  Updated: 11/22/2006

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