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BAE Systems Introduces the RG35, Cross Over Armored Mine Protected Vehicle. Photo: BAE Systems


BAE Systems Introduces the RG35, Cross Over Armored Mine Protected Vehicle

BAE Systems has launched the latest member of the combat proven RG family of armored vehicles at DSEi 2009, introducing the new 6x6 RG-35 Mine Protected multi-purpose fighting vehicle. This vehicle is defined as a 'crossover tactical vehicle', bridging the gap between a wheeled armored fighting vehicle and mine ambush protected mine resistant vehicle. Based in part on the RG31 Mine Protected Vehicle, RG35 has a high level of off-road mobility and maneuverability, while maintaining high level of protection, meeting STANAG 4569B Level 4A/4B, and high level ballistic protection up to STANAG 4569 A level 4.

Above: The internal layout of the passenger compartment offers 15 cubic meters of space under armor, accomodating 15 soldiers or other mission equipment. Photo: BAE Systems

large space The new RG35 family of vehicle is designed to offer a large volume under-armor, up to 15 cubic meters in total, enough to accommodate 16 soldiers (15+driver) and 15 tons of payload. The new family comprises a range of 4x4 and 6x6 tactical armored vehicle configurations, designed for different applications, including troop carriers, equipped with overhead remotely controlled or manned turrets, a command vehicle and various combat support vehicles. These include 120 mortar or 105mm gun carriers, sappers vehicles and recovery vehicles, as well as a highly mobile armored ambulance. The vehicle is designed for a gross vehicle weight of 33 tons, and comes at a curb-weight of 18 tons.

Powered by a Cummins or Caterpillar diesel engine, developing 550 horsepower and moment of up to 2136 Nm, coupled to a 6 speed automatic transmission, hydrodynamic retarder and 2 speed transfer box, packed in a side-mounted integrated power pack,. Nevertheless, the 6x6 RG35 is driven like a tactical vehicle, rather than a heavy truck. Reaching a maximum road speed of 115 km/h, it can also turn on a 15meter radius. The vehicle also has good off-road mobility, with 0.458 meter ground clearance. The 1.42 wheel-base common to all versions with angle of approach and departure of 45 degrees,the RG35 can traverse a gradient of 60%. the vehicle also has an optional ride height adjustment and central tire pressure control for crossing sand and mud. RG35 has fuel autonomy supporting up to 1,000 km of continuous travel

Right photo: A new, low profile weapon station is used on the RG35. Photo: BAE Systems