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Surveillance & Observation Device (SOD) Micro UAV


A full scale model of the SOD IV Micro UAV. Cyberflight is also developing a compact, wearable, control unit enabling the controller to monitor the mission and sensor through an eyepiece displaying an area equivalent to a 1.5 squrae meters window on a near-eye miniature display.
The British company Cyberflight unveiled two micro UAVs at Eurosatory 2006. The new members of the Surveillance Observation Device (SOD) family of mini-UAVs include SOD IV, a 0.5kg Maximum Take-Off Weight (MTOW) platform carrying a 250 gram payload. The Micro UAV can fly on a 15-35 minute mission to a range of 9 km at an altitude of 1,000 2,000 feet, loitering at a minimum speed of 15 knots. Unlike other micro UAVs of its class, SOD IV uses a swept wing plan-form, enabling efficient flight in urban environment. The system is carried and operated by a single soldier and is prepared for a mission within seconds. SOD IV can be assembled from three subsystems (two wings and a single body/tail section) mission company's systems. The system is fitted with nose mounted EO payload comprising a CCD chip, a lens and a remotely controlled mechanism enabling 90 deg tilt of the sensor, for forward or down looking views.

This is the flying model of the SOD IV displayed at Eurosatory 2006 by Cyberflight.Cyberflight product range on display focused on a new family of Surveillance Observation Device (SOD) including the SOD I flying wing, SOD III mini UAV and SOD IV Micro-UAV. SOD I is a 3kg MTOW flying wing UAV, designed for 60 minute operation at an altitude of 500 2,000 feet, carrying a 0.5 kg payload including a color, fuselage mounted color daylight camera or a thermal night camera. SOD III follows a more conventional plan-form; it weighs 5.4kg MTOW including a 2 kg payload, and is designed to sustain mission duration of 2.5 hours.




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