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Small-Arms Detection System

RAFAEL / Israel

When acoustic gunshot detection system (SADS) is linked with remote controlled weapon system (RCWS) to provide an integrated counterfire system.
The SADS display shows directions (bearing and elevation) of small arms firing sources, identified by their characteristic acoustic signatureAn acoustic detection and direction finding system developed by RAFAEL detects the gunshot's supersonic signatures of both shockwave and muzzle blast, using a single detector array. SADS triggers an alarm when a sniper shot or small arms fire is detected in the protected area. The system can be mounted on a vehicle (including a tank or other tracked vehicles), rooftop or be used as a portable device.
The system can be carried by a single soldier. SADS covers 360 degrees, detecting and identifying 90-95% of sniper firing instances, at ranges of up to 1,000 meters (3,000 ft) with standard deviation of less than 3.


  Updated: 10/18/2006

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