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Harrington Group Ltd.

ShockRounds technology could be inserted into conventional kinetic anmd rubber ball ammunition, to convert them into less lethal munitions improved with electrical shock effect, capable at operational range of 100 meters. ShockRounds will pack a miniature electric shock mechanism into standard 37mm, 9mm and 12 gauge ammunition, including rubber or frangible bullet, offering non lethal capability at an effective range of 100 meters. The electrical shock is generated by the impact energy, which excites a piezoelectric crystal to deliver a shock of up to 175 joules (x6 more than conventional "electric fences". This shock has enough energy to temporarily incapacitate the threat. The new ammunition could be tuned to generate for various degrees of shock upon impact, ranging from lower level jolt for riot deterrence, to a discharge designed to cause immediate and temporary incapacitation by disrupting the offender’s nervous system. The program is currently in a pre-prototype phase, after validating the technology and demonstrating the concept. According to plans, the system could mature within two years (end of 2007).

ShockRounds are being considered to be inserted into standard non lethal ammunition of various calibers from 37 to 9mm, fired from standard weapons, including multiple shots and automatic fire. The 37mm application could be compatible with police 37mm launchers. These munitions are non-penetrating and could be used for "behavior modifying" applications. Another application is the 12 gauge police-caliber rubber bullet. Since this bullet is designed to produce decreased wound, electrical shock effect could decrease the number of shots required to incapacitate a threat. 9mm or 10mm standard police-caliber bullets are both lethal munitions. They could be modified into less-lethal versions by using electrical shock effect. Since the stopping power of the new ammunition will not rely primarily on the pain or damage caused by a high velocity impact, but on the high voltage discharge, their velocity of the bullet could be reduced to optimal level that guarantee effective stabilization and performance at the required range.



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