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New Simulation Programs

September, 2006:

CAE awarded 13 million in U.K. contracts

CAE will deliver 36 Warrior Gunnery Turret Trainers under a 5 million contract signed with the British MOD. The simulators will be used to train British Army Warrior Armored Fighting Vehicle (AFV) crewmen and commanders in the gunnery operations, supporting individual, crew and small unit up to platoon level by utilizing Network-Enabled connectivity. Four trainers will be installed at the AFV Gunnery School in Lulworth U.K. in early 2007. The remaining systems will be delivered throughout 2007 to British Army Armored Infantry Units deployed across the U.K. and Germany.

VirTra Systems Awarded U.S. Marine Corps Simulation Contract

The US Marine Corps will lease VirTra Systems' IVR immersive small arms training simulator to handle new weapons and develop urban warfare skills with the troops. Immersive simulation allows Marines to train in environments that replicate current challenges they face in today's urban theaters of war worldwide. The training center will employ customized close- quarter-battle scenarios developed specifically for the Marine Corps.

According to Michael Kitchen, VirTra Systems' executive vice-president responsible for IVR sales, commented, this contract, totaling over $500,000, is expected to pave the way for continued procurement of IVR immersive small arms training simulators within the Marine Corps. IVR simulation will utilize VirTra Systems' weapon-conversion systems for light and heavy weaponry and Threat-Fire belt.




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