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SRR300/330 Short Range Radio

Saab Communications

The SRR300 Personal Role Radio family provides short range, full duplex speech and data communication. The system supports conference group communications of up to 30 units, enabling all team members to talk freely with hands-free operation. Systems offered include the basic SRR300 and SRR330, designed for operation in high ambient noise conditions. The system can also provide directional hearing, when coupled with stereophonic headset. Operating at the 2.4GHz frequency band, SRR300/330 outputs 0.1 to 100mW to fit different applications offering communications range of up to 800 meters when line of sight is available. The radio is powered by custom designed battery pack. A standard pack with rechargeable Li-ION batteries offers 8-12 hrs operating time. The systems operate in a network, where one of the sets is configured to provide the master station to handle system synchronization. Data connection is via RS232 interface which links the radio with external devices. In December 2004 SaabTech announced the sale of its short range radio activity to Telephonics Sweden, a subsidiary of the US Telephonics Corp.



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