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Hand Held Projectile Stun Gun

Stinger Systems

The Stinger stun gun is an electro-stun device that utilizes self-contained, charged cartridges to shoot either two or four darts at targets up to 10 meters (31 feet) away. The gun can be loaded with one or two cartridges. A laser beam is used for aiming at the intended target. The charge propels the darts connected to the gun by a pair of thin insulated wires, and upon contact a pulsed electrical current is passed through the subject. The electrical charge temporarily impairs the subjectís ability to control muscles dropping the subject to the ground and rendering him/her harmless to the user, surrounding people, and themselves. The Stinger can also be used as a contact shocker. The gun has built-in recording of key data (time, date, length of shock, power of shock, temperature) which is activated each time the gun is shot. Data is downloaded via USB ports for debriefing.



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