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Collaboration & Presentation Display

Applied Minds

TouchTables uses intuitive presentation to display location and movement of forces in real time. The display is controlled by hand movement - surface movement pans the display, two fingers moving apart zooms it out, and two fingers moving together zooms it in. This simple interface allows users to easily change a view from miles above the Earth to a detailed layout of a single city block. Touching a single point on the surface brings up detailed information about that point.

The display is designed to ease collaboration by multiple users, as users can stand around the TouchTtable's large, horizontal surface manipulating the presentation and information to best assess complex situations. Multiple TouchTables and other computing devices can be connected to one another over great distances, allowing synchronized navigation by geographically distributed groups.

Current TouchTables products are available in 84" (horizontal) and 45" (horizontal or articulating) diagonal high resolution displays to support group collaboration. Pressure sensitive surface allows multiple methods of information interaction.

Running on standard PC hardware, TouchTable software applications contains extensions to ESRI's ArcView geographical information system's software. Using open architecture, supporting navigation tools including zoom, pan, rotate, history recall, network-based collaboration and drawing and annotation tools.

The TT45 product is designed for smaller groups, intercommunication, decision-making and teamwork. The 45 diagonally dimensioned display can shift from seated, around-the-table collaboration to draft mode to vertical conference room or wall use.

View the  TouchTable video presentation

  Updated: 11/09/2005

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