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Kentron (South Africa)

The vertically launched missile high velocity IR homing missile was designed for all-round defense against simultaneous air attacks from multiple combat aircraft, helicopters and missiles. Up to eight targets can be engaged by the naval system. The truck mounted land based system is equipped with a quad missile group, fitted with all associated subsystems. The missile is fired according to targeting data provided by the system's 3D radar. As the missile is launched, it flies to a lock-on point, using an on-board inertial navigation. At the designated point, the IR seeker is activated and the missile intercepts the target under seeker control. Throughout the flight, the missile is updated with the target's course, via datalink. Umkhonto IR has a range of 12 km and ceiling of 30,000 feet. Intercept time from launch to impact at 9 km range is 16 seconds. An extended range version - Umkhonto-NG, is under development at Kentron. This version will be equipped with a rocket booster, and will employ an RF seeker head. In 2002 Umkhonto IR missiles were selected to equip six new patrol crafts of the Finnish Navy, as part of the new Haima class stealth fast attack crafts of Fleet 2000 program. The missile was also selected for the protection of the South African Navy Meko A-200 patrol corvetes.





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