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An Insight into the IEDs

EOD teams tasked with this dangerous mission utilize robotic systems to inspect the suspicious devices and deactivate it by disrupting or eliminating the activation mechanism. While sophisticated equipment is available for visual inspection of the devices, looking through the devices, by X-ray or computer tomography is still a complex task handled by professionals.

The photo on the right depicts an x-ray image of a cellphone, planted inside a metal pipe commonly used for pipe-bomb type IEDs. Image: by Vidisco Fox-Rayzor.

More features in Defense Update Milipol 2009 survey:

At Milipol 09 Vidisco is introducing two new portable systems utilizing flat amorphous silicon panels – the Flat foX-17 and foX-Rayzor designed for operation with EOD robots. With these inspection systems a bomb disposal technician can analyze images on-site, identify and differentiate organic materials like explosives or drugs from inorganic substances like metals. The new battery operated XR-DE Dual Energy Module, enables automatic detection of organic and inorganic materials to enhance existing pulsed X-ray sources. The new system improves penetration by 200%, allowing for better probability of detection (POD) in IED's. 

These systems are fully integrated on EOD robots, enabling the EOD team to leverage remotely controlled means beyond logistical and disruption functions. Integrated into the robot, the X-ray system is fully controlled over the robot communications link, or separately, over wireless communications, where applicable.

The high power wireless units were developed by the company to give a long range wireless solution. In recent tests the system demonstrated wireless communication distance of 750 m in line of sight conditions. The system demonstrated control distances of 1.5 km using two units. 

An X-ray view into an improvised explosive device (IED) top left, timing and activation mechanism (above right) and another fuze, chached inside a bottle in an attempt to mask it from scanner. Photo: Vidisco, taken by the FoX-Rayzor flat scanner. Below - shoes with live TNT cast in the sole, images taken with foX-Rayzor.