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Visual and Infra-Red Technology for Unlimited Sight (Virtus)


Virtus enghanced vision driving system (Photo: Defense Update)Virtus is an advanced dual band driver's sight system, jointly developed by Barco, Krauss Maffei Wegmann and Zeiss Optronik. The system provides unlimited sight under difficulty visibility conditions such as dark nights, hard rain, fog, heavy dust etc, without the need for active illumination. The system combines dual-band (visual Imaging Infrared TV (I2CCD) and thermal IR sensor head covering 40x30 deg. Field of view produced by Zeiss Optronik with the 10" Vector driver's display, produced by Barco (up to 12" displays are also available). A special algorithm combines the two images into an enhanced picture. Color coding is used to highlight specific objects and obstacles in the driver's display. Virtus can be used effectively both driving with open or closed hatches. An initial implementation of the system was demonstrated in Krauss Maffei Wegmann's Boxer APC prototype.

The Virtus display showing image fusion of the I2 and thermal wavebands provided by the Virtus dual sensor. (Photo: defense Update)




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