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L3 Communications designed the XM116 to improve the combat effectiveness of fire support weapons, particularly the Mk19 Automatic Grenade Launcher. The system can be adapted to support 0.50 Caliber machine guns (M2HB) and other types of weapons and ammunition.

Designed for manned and remotely operated weapon applications, the system improves the weapon's operator situational awareness and survivability, enables rapid target engagement and increased capability in day and night. XM116 uses an eye-safe laser rangefinder effective up to five kilometers.

The ballistic computer calculates the ballistic correction for the target range, air temperature, weapon cant and atmospheric pressure. The system uses two imaging sensors - a daylight 640x480 sensor and uncooled 320x240 25 pixel pitch thermal sensor - both feed images to a common 640x480 head-mounted video viewer, which also displays annotated system information and a ballistic solution reticle. XM116 demonstrated an increase in the probability of hit [P(h)] from 3% to 54% at 1,000 meters, using military gunners and standard Mk19 grenade machine guns. By improving accuracy and first burst hit probability, the system contributes to reduce ammunition cost at about 80%


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