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Active Protection System / Ukraine

The Zaslon active protection suite was developed by Ukrainmash, a Ukrainian AFV modernization firm that specializes in developing add-on armor, active protection systems and upgrade kits for T-72, T-55 and BMP armored vehicles.

The Zaslon system consists of a radar based detection module, a guidance module and a customer specified number of static counter-measures modules. Each counter-measure module packs two explosive charges, which are ejected toward the target before detonating and forming a dense fragmentation ring that destroys incoming projectiles on impact. Modules can point forward, sideways or vertically, to protect from top attacks. The system’s response time is 0.1 seconds.

A typical installation protects 150 – 180 degrees, and is capable of defeating incoming projectiles at speeds between 70 and 1,200 m/sec. It can be used to protect fixed sites or armored vehicles. Depending on the protection level required, the system adds from 50 to 130 kg. per module.



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