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IAI MAPSAT – Compact Man Portable Satellite Communication Terminal

C-MUSIC to Protect Israeli Airlines from Missile Attacks

IAI to Unveil a New Air Defense & Air Surveillance Radar

Lockheed Martin to Deliver 110 Vehicular/Portable Surveillance Systems

PRC 117G
AN/PRC-117G Software Release adds Broader Network Support, Airborne Apps

U.S. Army Apaches to Test a new Gunfire Detection System

RADA Unveils a New Radar Optimized for Homeland Security

U-@ Observation system
Goodrich to Upgrade U-2 Mission Payload With Multi-Spectral Sensors

UAE F-16
Naval, Air Attacks Directed at Gaddafi’s Remaining Arsenal

Micro Spy-Satellite Technology Evolving at RAFAEL

Battle Command Network
U.S. Army to Test Wearable PCs with Battle Command Network

Elisra Unveils Portable COMINT-DF System

n3-pdMulti-Band SAR Supports Task-Force ODIN in Iraq in C-IED Operations

ELM-2021Elta Introduces Modular, Affordable Radars for Multiple Applications

SkyStar300Demand for Aerostats Increases Demand for SPEED-A Payloads

Controp MeosControp Optimizes Stabilized EO Systems for Mast Mounted Vehicular Applications

HelieyeSDS Introduces HeliEye Helmet Display For Helicopter Pilots

Russia SatelliteRussian New Military Satellite Lost in Space

Space Situational AwernessU.S. Air Force Awards $214 Million to Improve Space Situational Awareness

SOFCCompact JP-8 Diesel-Powered Fuel-Cell Demonstrates Long Operation Durability

Rosomak RecceElbit Systems to Equip the Polish Rosomak with Battlefield Surveillance Suite

Asatmids MQ8b
New Counter-Mine System Demonstrates Counter-IED Capabilities

Mc-12Boeing Selected to Develop a new Multi-Int Airborne System for the U.S. Army

tianjinChina Challenges the U.S. for the the World's Most Powerful Supercomputer Title

Ofeq 10Israel’s Next Generation Spy Satellite could be Operational by Late 2012

Xaver 100
Through the Wall Radar Sensors at ISDEF 2010

LRAS3 Target Acquisition Systems Enhanced with Liteye’s Monocular Displays

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