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Net Centric Warfare (NCW) Topics

Issue Title
Oct. 20, 2006 Supersonic Missile's Ground Tests Completed
Sept. 26, 2006 USAF Orders First JTRS System from Thales
Sept. 15, 2006 Airborne JTRS/Link 16 Interoperability demo.
Sept 12, 2006 Debut of an Franco-Israeli MALE UAV
Sept. 4, 2006 RDE To develop Infantry Suite for German Army
1-2006 Converting Aircraft For Broadband Data Transfer Capability
1-2006 Unattended Integrated Sensor-Weapon Systems (IMS)
1-2006 Unattended Ground Sensors
1-2006 Accelerating the kill chain Closing the Sensor-to-shooter Cycle
1-2006 Introducing the Yata (IDF all-arms Battalion)
1-2006 Air Domination over an Urban Area
3-2005 Marines to test Northrop Grumman digital imagery sharing and collaboration tool
3-2005 U.S. Air Force to Launch New Cyber Patrol
3-2005 BOA Concept Development Program launched under DGA 129 million Euro contract from DGA
3-2005 WIN-T Passes Developmental, Operational test
3-2005 Tactical C4 Challenges
3-2005 DSEI-2005 report - C4I
3-2005 COTS based Wi-Fi ad-hoc networking
3-2005 Broadband WiMAX based networking
3-2005 Situational Awareness for Dismounted Leaders
3-2005 Brigade C4I
3-2005 Battalion BMS
3-2005 Defending the network
2-2005 Integrated ISR for combat vehicles & Dismounted Troops
2-2005 UAVs & Persistent Surveillance
1-2005 Israel's Land Forces Digitization program
1-2005 MOSAIC ad-hoc networking model
1-2005 WIN-T
1-2005 Integrated Command Post
1-2005 Mobile Satellite Communications
1-2005 Tactical data networking
1-2005 Advanced Command and Control applications
1-2005 Battle Command On The Move
4-2004 Eurosatory 2004 Review - C4I + UAV
4-2004 Personal Role radios
4-2004 Personal Digital Assistants in military roles
4-2004 Infantry Combat Suits
4-2004 Precision Guided Weapons
3-2004 Global Combat Service Support (Army GCSS)
3-2004 SAP Introduces Integrated Logistics System for military applications
2-2004 LIC-2004 - C4I review
2-2004 Reducing the fratricide risk in modern combat
2-2004 Air defense C2 systems
2002-3 RAFAEL offers New Targeting pod

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